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The Graduate Handbook, Russell J. Bunio, 166 pages, Trafford Publishing

*This is an excellent, comprehensive guide for a young graduate about to start his working life. Bunio covers all the bases, indicating to the candidate what is needed for a successful career, no matter what his chosen field.

The Graduate handbook elaborates all the best work practices. A young man just finishing school would find the Graduate Handbook to benefit him greatly since it lays out in organized fashion all the proper practices to advance in the work environment and what steps to follow to attain career success.

A must read for the about to graduate young person.

Reviewed by Jacques Desmarais, December 2015
Author and Editor

The Graduate Handbook, you don’t know what you don’t know

*First, again, best endorsement as a 30+ year SCM (Supply Chain Management) prof., is that I would want my children to read it (The Graduate Handbook)…ASAP. More specifically I find it to be well written. It is articulated in a language that is both specific enough to have relevant meaning to a young reader but broad enough to have great generalizability across a variety of contexts.

It has the overall perspective that comes from experience …”if I knew then what I know now”…but gets the point across without being preachy. The book goes beyond knowledge (knowing that a tomato is a fruit) but is broad in accumulated wisdom (knowing you don’t put tomatoes in fruit salad). I feel his mapping of lessons to career progression is especially insightful and valuable (eg. “The Start; Building Your Role ; …The End is Really the Beginning”).

Maybe to sum it up…Any college football fan should be familiar with the sign in the tunnel coming out of Notre Dame’s football locker room, “Play like a champion today”!

The sign has been inspirational to a lot of great players but they still need experienced coaches to help them know the specifics of being a champion. Russ Bunio’s book provides a great number of these specifics.

Dr. W. Rocky Newman
Professor and Coordinator for Supply Chain & Operations Management
Miami University, Oxford, OH

The Graduate Handbook by Russell J. Bunio

The Graduate Handbook follows a practical course of action using best practices and benchmarks that provide the new worker a focus on what’s important to knock down obstacles and get things done to be successful.

Russ is at his best sharing stories of lessons learned in a very smart and entertaining read aimed at the graduate’s development to solve problems and execute challenging goals quickly for superior results. This book is a terrific accomplishment.

Anthony Torcasio
Vice Chairman-The May Department Store Company (ret.)

The Graduate Handbook by Russell J. Bunio

In “The Graduate Handbook”, Russ has compiled a select set up “best practices” that he has honed and implemented over the course of his career. Watching him in action in the workplace, I can attest to the fact that he practices what he preaches.

Clear, concise, understandable, and practical, Russ’ organized approach to getting the work done will set a course for “success” for many a graduate who reads and implements his strategies.  Having a leg up on knowing “what to do” in one’s job is a huge advantage that not only leads to “great” workers, but also “great” leaders.  Learn from Russ’ hard earned wisdom and see the difference it makes immediately in your own experience.

Those who choose to apply the practices to their own lives and careers will no doubt be beneficiaries of “success” in their chosen fields of work.

Eldon McBride
Former Director of Human Resources – The Boeing Company
Executive Coach, The Open Organization

The Graduate Handbook by Russell J. Bunio

Students entering the workforce are interested in learning how to be successful in their first job. As educators, we often struggle with credibility issues.  Russell J. Bunio provides that credibility in his new book, “The Graduate Handbook”.  That’s why I have decided to use this resource in some of the courses we offer at the University of Iowa.

David Baumgartner, Phd.
Assistant Provost
The University of Iowa
Iowas City, Iowa